Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some Outdoors, some Indoors…

First off..for those looking for Quilt-Cam...I said WEDNESDAY, it's only Tuesday!  Yesterday and Today are officially my "Weekend".  SO come back tomorrow at 9pm EST and we'll sew together!

This morning was amazingly cool and crisp for North Carolina at the end of July.

Usually at this time of year – if you were to go out in the morning you would SEE the humidity hovering over the ground like mist.

When it rains in the summer here, we do actually see steam rising from the pavement….wisps rising to meet the low hanging clouds, meeting somewhere in the middle.

Urgent!! Nancy Rink’s Stolen Quilts!!

As someone who travels with quilts for a living, this just makes me sick and livid.

I received word yesterday that Nancy Rink’s studio was broken into for the second time in approximately 10 days ---and this time the perpetrators made off with 16 or more quilts.

WHAT is with this?

Are they selling them for drug money? Are they giving them to others as Christmas gifts?

Come to Tuscany with Me!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Quiltmaker Drawing Time! Whoooot!


Happy Monday Eve, everyone!

It’s time to draw for our winner of the TWO Quiltmaker issues!

The July/Aug issue has my Wanderlust Quilt on the front cover – my first EVER cover with Quiltmaker!  And the newest issue, Sept/Oct with the cute cute  Houses by Lori Holt on the cover.

And if you weren’t drawn, don’t fret, don’t despair --

The fun continues!

The Quilts from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Something happened in the crazy life of this quilter ---
There WAS an archive page at one point showing all the quilts from Adventures with Leaders & Enders, but through blog template re-dos and changing of old computer to new computers, that file was lost.

Over the past little while I have been posting, one at a time, a Quiltville of the Day photo on instagram and facebook ---and I have re-photographed these quilts ((Not always in the best quality of photo)) in an effort to have all 13 quilts captured so I have a gallery link for the Book Tab at the top of the blog so folks can see just what is in this book.

Carolyn & Lisa, Mother and Daughter!

Meet Carolyn on the left and her daughter, Lisa on the right!

A couple of years ago they came to another workshop week in another town and we had such a great time, I was so happy to see them make the trek to Champaign, IL for another round of quilt quilt quilt til you wilt wilt wilt!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

While the Quilter is Away….

The Menfolk will Play!

Or is that WORK!??

There has been some “Home Improvement” going on up at Quilt Villa this weekend while I’ve been in Illinois.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when we were up there with family, and dealing with rain and a muddy driveway that could really use some more gravel.

On Marking Lines, Piecing Blocks, and Making Friends!

I’m heading home from Illinois this morning after spending several days with the Illini County Stitchers in Champaign.

I’m not the only one traveling home ---we had several ladies come from far away places this week.

They road-tripped from Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin and from all over the state of Illinois.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Sister's Choice All Day Long!

Day three of classes in Champaign, Illinois is full and fabulous!

What's not to like about a quilt full of scrappy nine-patches?

Our morning is spent playing with 2.5" strips, getting the units to measure the correct 6.5" for our block centers, and after lunch we will be making star points  surround them.