Thursday, October 08, 2015

A St Thomas Day Trip!

We had a beautiful day yeserday in St Thomas, Virgin Islands.

But let me tell you, it was hot hot hot and humid!

It’s hard for me to imagine this little island getaway as part of the USA…but as soon as you hit port, you WILL see American flags flying --

And much to the delight of my 50 cruisers who had either AT&T or Sprint as their cell carriers….they were able to check their email, text messages and phone calls to home because they had coverage here!

God Bless the USA!  Ha! ((All of that stuff is important you know?!))

And then there are people like me who have Verizon, and have to wait until we reach our lunch spot to have access to the free Wi-Fi to check in off ship!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Good Morning, St Thomas!


We arrived in St Thomas this morning, and I’ve got 50 cruisers plus 18 spouses and friends that are ready to disembark and have some island time today!

There are many excursions to choose from, something for everyone.

I’m going with a group on the 5 star Island tour which sounds right up to my liking with 2 hours of shopping time, and 2 hours of beach time.

That’s about all I can handle…...let me tell you, it’s hot hot hot and humid here in the Caribbean!

As always I am amazed by the crystal clear water – the sheer aqua color of it.

It’s just gorgeous here!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Bonus Class Afternoon!

And they are off and making blocks on a bonus sewing afternoon!

When we got the announcement that we would not be stopping in Coco Cay due to rough water following hurricane Joaquin, as it was not a safe place to put out tenders from the ship, the phone tree started to send messages to all of the quilters that class would begin yesterday afternoon at 1pm.

I can’t say that there were many grumbles at all!  Most of us ARE here to retreat at sea, not sit without machines on a hot and sweaty beach getting fried!

Everywhere I went, every quilter I passed was so excited to have an EXTRA class day on the ship  and we were out to make the most of it.

This means that I could break our project down a little bit further so there would be no stress, no rushing, just a lot of fun and easy sewing and being with each other, making new friends.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Lap Stitching on Cloud Nine!

This is the day we by-passed Coco Cay and headed straight for St Thomas!

There wasn’t too much dissention within the ranks, kids are happy with pool water and sunshine as much as they would be beach sand and surf.

Frankly, a day to sit and stitch on ship is much more to my liking than trying to avoid being fried by the sun and sweltering in  the heat and humidity of a Bahamian October.

With workshops  rearranged to start at 1pm TODAY instead of tomorrow, we had an open morning on our hands to find a quiet place to sit and stitch before this afternoon’s activities began.

We tried the solarium area – too hot, humid and noisy.

Bye Bye Coco Cay!

This is the little slip of island known as Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s personal little playground.

The announcement just came on that we are unable to dock at Coco Cay and send everyone on tenders due to swails and rough water left over from hurrican Joquin – so guess what that means?

No sun and fun today, but we get to open the sewing room a day early!

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow ---and you can’t fight with mother nature.

No worries, we’ll have extra sewing time aboard, and the only thing scheduled for this little slip of island was most likely an overdose of sun and sand.

We are having a great time so far on our ship, The Freedom of the Seas!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! A morning for boarding!

We arrived in Port Canaveral, Florida around 7 p.m. last night.

Both exhausted, we headed back to our room after dinner in the hotel restaurant where I promptly fell asleep and missed the entirety of the Boise State football game who trounced Hawaii with a score of 55 - 0 to the delight of my Bronco loving husband.

Go orange, go big blue, fight fight BSU!

However, I missed the entirety of the game as an ambien took me swiftly away on clouds of dreams.

I must have been tired, I woke up at 8:30 a.m.! A bigger sleep in that I am usually allowed.

When life throws you a late start, enjoy it!

I have met with several of the ladies who are attending our cruise here at the hotel, everyone is so excited to board. Our shuttle heads over at 10:45 this morning so we have a bit of time to sit around the pool area and just enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Get a load of this pool! It is absolutely the most beautiful hotel pool I have ever seen, and there is no wonder that kids were already dipping in by 8 a.m.!

Will catch you from the ship a little bit later!

I'm sitting down to breakfast!

Let's Cruise!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Today is the Day!!

We are heading out this morning – this rainy rainy stormy morning!

From Greensboro to Atlanta to Orlando to Port Canaveral ---it’s the start of our Quiltville Caribbean Cruise!

I’ve heard from some of my cruisers, they are already in Orlando having a good time at Disney or Universal, and will be meeting up with us on the ship on Sunday when we depart.

FIFTY QUILTERS!  I am so excited.

I am so excited but as of yet – NOT ALL THE WAY PACKED!

Everything else took precedence last night. and I saved the packing for this morning.

Last night was another one of those “Sleep? who needs sleep?” kind of sleepless nights as my phone rang and rang with flood warnings from the weather service.

North Carolina is being POUNDED with rain.  It’s been raining daily for over a week now.  We are saturated, streams and rivers are full and the ground is losing its ability to absorb any more…

And we’ve got THIS going on:

Friday, October 02, 2015

Quilt Cam AND a Give-Away!

it’s an action-packed evening here in Quiltville --

And let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Bonnie running like a crazy woman to get last minute book orders out and pack for a cruise AND do Quilt-Cam at 9pm before leaving the next morning!

But all of my checklist is just about handled so we are ready to do this thing.

Besides, Quilt-Camming with you means I get an extra hour of piecing time into this run around day, and I will take any excuse that I can get to spend more time with the fabric and the machine.

But before we get sewing – we’ve got a special giveaway to draw for.

I am giving away one copy of the Nov/Dec 15 Quiltmaker Magazine issue that is just hitting news stands now – featuring my quilt Jingle Bell Square!

The Quick Get-Away!

By 3pm yesterday I had HAD it.

I MADE my manuscript turn in deadline, and found myself just needing to get out of the basement office/studio.

I needed to be out and away – and I had one place on the agenda.  There were loose ends to tie up.

I was going to the cabin to spend the evening sewing on our Mystery with the plan of bringing all the pieces home with me today – along with some other things that HAVE to go on this cruise.

We leave TOMORROW!  So this was my one opportunity.

You can’t go on the cruise without the REAL camera!  We also needed the GoPro and a couple other things and I quickly volunteered.

The plan is that I would drive up here, work on the quilt, stay the night and head home this afternoon.

That will leave ME this evening to pack!

And just like that I was off ---