Friday, February 12, 2016

Mission San Juan Capistrano, Follow the Swallows!

Growing up in California, 4th grade missions field trip was long looked forward to.

In my school, Henderson Elementary in Alameden, this trip was a highlight as we loaded yellow/orange school busses, toting our lunch boxes and everything else that 4th graders carry, to go tour mission San Jose.

We were to learn all about the missions along with California history, culminating in the BIG PROJECT of the year. 

Each student had to make his or her own rendition of the mission and give a presentation in class on the things they learned.

Oh, I worked so hard on my project!  I built mission San Jose out of sugar cubes…carried it the 1 1/2 blocks to school, and waited anxiously to give my presentation in front of my class of 22 students and my teacher. 

From this point on, history has been a fascination for me.  And I love traveling and finding out the history in the area.  I will often turn down tours of quilt shops for a historical site instead.  We are who we are where we are because of those who came before us.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Day to Play in San Juan Capistrano!

I have a theory!

I sense a theme!

When quilters spend weeks getting all of the pre-cutting done for a workshop, they are usually working in “their” colors, and they know what they like.

And then the given long awaited for day arrives.

They pack up their machines, their kitted up pre-cut quilt parts and all of their notions and tools and off to quilt class they go…..


We had a great giggle over how this project in black on white and red perfectly matched this quilter’s outfit down to her lipstick and her earrings!

It was so fun.  And she wasn’t the only one.

One gal was sewing fuscia colored blocks while wearing a fuscia top and matching lipstick!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A San Clemente Day with the Surfide Quilters!

Yesterday I met with the Surfside Quilters in San Clemente for their monthly meeting in the most beautiful location, hands down!

The only thing more beautiful than the ocean view beyond, was the show of comfort quilts within. 

This group is SO active in providing quilts for those in need within their own community and in outlying areas that my heart was so very very touched in the outpouring.

During the board meeting before my presentation, when it was time for Philanthropy to represent, nearly half the room it seemed stood, lined up with quilts in arms, and paraded them around the room, each lovely quilt a testament to a giving heart and busy hands. Each quilter presented their quilt, holding to the belief that small acts by each an every one of us can bring big comfort one by one to those in need.

I felt such a unity with this group.  THIS is where my heart is.  THIS is where I started this crazy journey, at one time with a goal of just one lap quilt per month being turned in to be given.  Life has taken it’s own twists and turns since I passed that baton on to others, but THIS is where my journey will return upon retirement.  I want to make quilts, and I want to give quilts.  I want to make a simple difference.

These wonderful quilters fanned my flame of why I got so involved in scrap quilts in the first place.  Quilting at its roots is a loving, caring, comforting, giving thing.

Thank you for all you do in your desire to bring comfort to those in need.  You have no idea how much your efforts mean to those who are recipients of such gifts.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Sun, Sand and the San Clemente Pier!

This was the extremely clear view of Downtown Los Angeles, California as my plane landed at LAX!

WOW! What a beautiful day!

And here I was landing about 9:30am with the whole day stretched out before me.

I was telling my body clock to shut up as it was reminding me that I had been up and going since 12:30am California time.  There was NO WAY I wanted to nap away this gifted day.  Not a chance.

Picking up my 100 lbs of quilt duffles and suitcase, throwing everything onto a rented rolling cart, I made my way to the curb only to find after a phone call that my driver was waiting INSIDE the terminal.

Yep.  You know those lines of drivers holding people’s names on placards? I evidently walked right past the guy with my name on a sign, hell bent on getting what might be the last remaining rolling rent-a-cart (This has happened before!) and making sure that all of my luggage had indeed arrived since I almost missed my connection in Atlanta.

Only a small delay –I found my driver and I was off by town car from LAX to John Wayne airport in nearby Orange County where I would be meeting up with Linda, transfer my stuff to HER car, and make our way to San Clemente.

((And fighting off that need for a nap!))

Monday, February 08, 2016

Great Minds, Great Solutions!

Anyone who has ever sewn on a vintage singer machine has probably cursed and futzed with that singular one toe button that makes the machine GO.

it has often left me wondering about the women of that era.

Were there feet really that narrow?

What was the point of having TWO buttons, one stationary and one  that depresses to bring current to the machine to make it go?

It’s actually a pretty great design if you know to put your foot on the SOLID button first, and then ROCK your foot so the side of the foot presses down on the button.

But we’ve gone one step furhter here!

This foot adapterwas brought to the Bunkhouse in Quitman Texas and I thought it was ingenious!

Especially if you can put some non-skid stuff on the bottom to keep your foot from sliding all over the place!

We all got out our cameras and took photos from every angle.

Galaxy Gram! Off to LAX!

This post was supposed to come by laptop, but zero connection in Greensboro , early flight, everything has worked against me this morning!

Heading to LA has me all over with smiles and hopes of warmth and sunshine!

I was able to finish this morning's blog post while sitting here at the gate -- I've set it to post a bit after 9am eastern so be watching for it. This little galaxy gram was in case the post didn't go!  Whew!

I will leave you with this thought of the day, and catch up from the other side!

Sending this from the plane in Atlanta!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Bit of A&E Fun!

Where do you shop for fabric if you are near Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Just over the border in Pensacola, Florida at A&E Pharmacy!

This was my second time here, as I was also in this area in January of 2014, so I knew what to expect –and I couldn’t wait!

You can read that flashback HERE.

In anticipation of this trip I had posted to Facebook “Rumor has it there will be a stop at A&E Pharmacy on my way to the airport”  And while those who KNEW what was in store were clamoring with shouts of “Hooray!” Those who didn’t….well, they assumed I had contracted some Deep South Ailment and was off for medication!

While it might say A&E Pharmacy on the sign, there are actually 3 sections to this wonderland!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Three Wonky Wishes Come True!

Well, I waited all day.

I printed invoices, I printed labels, I have shipping containers all ready to roll.

I did everything I could to be ready should the cases of patterns arrive on my doorstep so they would be ready to mail on Monday, but they just didn’t come!

I have accepted that fact, and I hope you will too – those of you who placed orders for Wonky Wishes when I announced that they were in the warehouse.  It just takes longer to get to North Carolina from California than I thought!

Rest assured, these patterns will ship out as soon as I return from this next trip –I know they will be here by then!

Some Very Very Texas Show & Share!

Could it really be a week ago already since I was in the midst of teaching at Stitchin’ Heaven’s Bunk House in Quitman, Texas?

And how many times I have had to REMOVE the L from the middle of QUITMAN as I have typed it because it always comes out like QUILTMAN!?

I think they should just make it easy on all of us and change the name to QUILTMAN, right?

One of the things I love about the great state of Texas is the love they abundantly share for their state, and its history.  You can’t go anywhere in Texas without seeing flags waving.  Did you know that The Republic of Texas was an independent sovereign country in North America that existed from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846?

When someone remarks that “Texas thinks they are their own country!”  Well, they have been!  But they are also very proud of the USA and you will often find both flags flying as seen here – this photo was taken on one of our lunch time walks on a beautiful sunny day. 

Things are also very big in Texas – okay, not as big as Alaska, but still, Texas big!  And Texas quilters make big quilts!