Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Off to 3rd Grade! And Show & Share!

I can’t believe that just yesterday morning I was sitting on the front steps at my sister’s house in South Jordan, Utah posing with my nieces for the first day of school photos!

Taylor started 3rd grade yesterday.

How can that be possible?  I remember making her baby quilt!

There are photos of her here with it as an infant.  Isn’t blogging wonderful? It’s all HERE!

In Utah the elementary schools go year round in blocks, so I was just thrilled at how my “Bonus Day” in Utah panned out.

Not only was I there for an impromptu family BBQ complete with fireworks on a state holiday for Pioneer Day, but I got to go with Taylor to the school to drop her off for her first day of 3rd grade.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Happy Snafu!

How cute is the helena Montana airport at 4:30am?

This was my view as I stepped through security, climbed up the stairs to the second level where gates 3 and 4 are located, one for United and one for Delta.

We thought all was right for my 5:10 boarding and my 5:50am departure for Minneapolis which would get me further on to La Guardia and then home to Greensboro by dinner time.

We even boarded and were ready to go until….

“Ladies and gentleman, we have a maintenance issue…please retrieve your belongings and proceed back into the gate waiting area..”

Oh boy.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Smith Mountain Morning in Helena!

Say hello to two Sneaky Quilty Canadians!

Pauline and Darlene made their way from Calgary, Alberta Canada on a road trip, hitting quilt shops all along the way to take yesterday's workshop in Helena, Montana!

And they did so WITHOUT letting their guild buddies know ANYTHING about it.

You see,  when they were contacted after inquiring about openings in the workshops, they were told that there were only TWO spots available.

And they took them, keeping silent about the whole road trip until we posted this photo yesterday afternoon to Instagram and Facebook.

Oh, the responses!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July Quilty Box Winner!

Hello from beautiful Helena, Montana!

We finished our last workshop with a bang this afternoon, and thanks to the kindness of the guild hostesses, I was treated to a personal guided tour of the old Governor’s mansion in a very historic area of town!  This place is so rich with history, my history loving soul is so happy to have had a chance to experience Montana this way.

I DID set the alarm on the phone to remind me that tonight I needed to do this drawing thing – and it went off right in the middle of dinner.

We did some more talking and show and sharing of hexie projects and applique projects and a returning of a borrowed featherweight in the lobby before I came up here to my room.

I’ve got to get everything packed and ready for my 4:15 am journey to the airport, so it will be early to bed for me.

In other words…let’s DO this drawing thing!

Texas Tumbleweed Day, Montana Style!

The smiles and the laughter, the conversations, the connectivity!

These are the best parts of coming together to learn some new things in a workshop!

Could we all sew this at home? Certainly – but being together makes it all that much more of a rewarding experience, don’t you agree?

Why quilt alone when you can quilt with friends who make life such a joy?

We gathered together in the conference room at the Holiday Inn in Helena Montana for a Texas Tumbleweed workshop from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

The fabrics and projects were so varied and it was great to see the progress bring these quilt visions to fruition.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Talkin' Turkey in Helena, Montana!

Quilter’s’ uniforms out to play!

Do you see these?  It’s a superman shield with a sewing machine in the center instead of an S!  SO CUTE!

No, I don’t know where you can get them, in fact I think they made them themselves.  This was the extra fun set of sisters that came to my Talkin’ Turkey workshop in Helena, Montana yesterday, and what a day we had!

Our venue is the conference room at the Holiday Inn, and they are spoiling us rotten with coffee, tea, lemonade and iced tea, fresh sliced fruit and hot baked cookies while we sew.  We are in heaven!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Star Struck in Bozeman, Montana!

Yesterday’s Star Struck workshop with the Gallatin Quilters and visiting friends in Bozeman, Montana was a bang up bundle of fun!

We had folks visiting from all over the state as well as Minnesota!

It made for an extra fun mix of scrap-happiness.

I haven’t taught this class in a while, and it’s a great one for getting a good hold of stitch & flip corners, and don’t forget those bonus units!

To see what I mean, click the tips & techniques tab and scroll down to B for “Bonus Triangle Bonanza!”

This quilt makes OODLES of them that will be fun either as a boarder for this quilt, or to use in future projects down the road.

The best part of the day?  Seeing all of the fabrics that everyone had chosen come to life in their own renditions!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A My Blue Heaven Day, Montana Style!

You just gotta love the “quilters attire” that shows up everywhere we go, bringing smiles and laughter and a nod of heads.

This is the uniform of my people!  This is what I relate to!

Eat Sleep Quilt Repeat!  Is there anything better?

It’s always fun to meet folks who AREN’T quilters.  “What else do you like to do for fun?” they ask.  As if there is anything else we’d really like to be doing?

Oh, I love to hike and walk and watch good movies, read a good book now and then, visit historic sites and beautiful landmarks and usually there is quilting accompanying me as I go.

And I found myself in the company of very like minded folks yesterday in Bozeman, Montana with the Gallatin Quilters Guild, and friends who had traveled in from outside areas to spend the day with us in a My Blue Heaven workshop!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Me in Montana!

This is the first time I flew into Bozeman, Montana -

And I bet I’ll never fly this way again!

It was one of those early early 3am alarm awakenings.  Stumble to the bathroom to start a shower. Glance at the phone to discover that messages have been coming in all night long (what night there is in 4 hours of sleep.) to find that my flights have been jacked around from a 2 hour delay, to a 4 hour delay, to now leaving in EVENING time, getting me into Bozeman aft4er midnight, via La Guardia and Indianapolis to Minneapolis to Bozeman.


I was instantly awake and calling the Delta hotline.