Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Blue Heaven Day in Lafayette, IN!

It was a cool and crisp sunny 11 degrees outside as cars and vans, suvs and pickup trucks poured into the parking lot of Holy Trinity Lutheran church where our workshops with the Common Threads Quilt Guild of Lafayette, Indiana was being held.

It’s not easy to find a large space equipped with enough outlets and room for 48 quilters to spread out….this was PERFECT!

Of course, there are some rules….with 48 machines running, it is imperative to keep irons on different circuits and spread around the perimeter of the room so that we don’t trip anything and put the entire room into no-power distress!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello from Indiana!!

What a whirlwind of activity has been going on here!

the quilters of the Common Threads Quilt Guild in Lafayette are sure showing me a good time!

We’ve had these dates on my calendar for at least 3 years and they have played it up and promoted and have taken care of every detail behind the scenes to make this the most fun event for everyone attending.

Even their facebook page has gotten into the spirit thanks to the silly giggliness of guild member Debra who has posted things in a count down fashion with images like this:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

100 Blocks, Vol 10 BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY!!

100 blocks.

10 VOLUMES of 100 blocks.

That’s 1,000 blocks!!!!!

That’s also 1,000 blocks that will work with each other in many combinations because they all finish at 12”.

Is this something to be excited about?

Oh yes!!

Welcome to my blog for this stop on Quiltmaker’s Blog Hop for 100 Blocks, vol 10.  This is my 9th consecutive volume, and I'm always so jazzed to be included.

Hopefully you have been visiting all of the sites featured, and discovering new people, new places, new blogs from designers you weren't familiar with before, as well as visiting some of your favorites.

What?  You haven’t been?  Check out Quiltmaker’s blog Quilty Pleasures and see just what is up!

I’m really excited to present to you my block, Something Blue!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello from Lafayette, Indiana!

This is my evening!

About to go on!

So excited to be here with the Common Threads Quilters!

Baby, it's cold outside but hearts are warm in Lafayette, home if Purdue University!

Go Boilermakers!

Some Travel Day Show & Share!

I am Indiana Bound!
I am bundled up like no-bodies business, baby it’s COLD OUTSIDE in Indiana!
I’ll be meeting with the Common Threads Quilters of Lafayette, doing a lecture presentation tonight, and two days of workshops!
Smith Mountain Morning workshop is on Thursday, followed by My Blue Heaven on Friday!  Saturday morning early I return home so it will be a whirlwind of quilty activity while I am there.
I love it when you send me photos of quilts you’ve made, and I thought this morning while I travel would be a good time for me to share what Stephen from London sent in. 
Remember when I showed his patchwork curtains HERE?
I don’t know about you, but I think they are awesome enough to stop calling them CURTAINS and START calling them WINDOW TREATMENTS!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Purging, Organizing, Rehoming. and Where Did THAT Come From??

Kitchen Tool Bouquet.

Oh how I love thee!

I love thee for thy boundless convenience.

Thou decoratest my kitchen with thy vintage charm!

Thou dost masterfully keep my drawer free from utensil clutter!

Thou keepest my necessary tools so close at hand, a helpmate to keeping my family fed.

Thou art a boon to my homemakerness!

But alas, woe unto thee, oh treasured kitchen companion.

Thou also art a great collector of dust and grease and grime due to thy close proximity to the burners of electric fire on my modern cook top.

Forsooth!  Thou art tall and portly and there within hidest many treasures of shorter stature!

Namely….what petite tools of great worth art hiding down in thy deepest depths?

We shall PURGE thee forthwith and findeth out!

Keep the Kids Quilting!

This photo is from last Saturday’s class in Wilkesboro, North Carolina!

Here I am with Candy and her 13 year old daughter Rickylee.

I really enjoy having young quilters in my classes.

Let me tell you, it is often easier to get a new quilter sewing right and sewing better and experiencing great results than trying to get a long time stuck-in-bad-habits quilter to change his or her ways!

“I’ve always done it that way!”

“It’s close enough”

“So and so other instructor taught us THIS way…”

I’m not saying my way is the only way, and I know that unlearning ways of doing things and relearning another way is just hard for some of us.

But give me a NEW quilter and things happen!  They are eager to learn, ready to listen, anxious to try, and they aren’t second guessing what the teacher is saying, believing they have a better way around things.

To put it simply….young or old, new quilters TRUST ME!

During quilt cam last night Candy sent a photo of how far Rickylee has come on her Pineapple Blossom quilt since Saturday’s class:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quilt-Cam 11/17/14

It’s Quilt-Cam Time!

Yay!  I know it was short notice but we’ve got to get it in here when we can fit it in here…So here we are!

If you are catching this in the archives --- we welcome you too!  That’s what archives are for, right?

This photo is of Ria’s set up – she sent this photo showing her progress on HER Carolina Chain quilt….vintage Singer, and gorgeous quilts in the background.  The blue one has lovely hand quilting on it!

She writes:

5 Minute Power Purge! 11/17/2014

Before I share with you today’s Power Purge, I want everyone to see that THERE IS Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm EST!

I made this decision this morning after realizing that my flight Wednesday morning has me leaving the house at 4:30 am to run to the airport….that means an EARLY bed time ((Isn’t it so much easier to do when it gets dark earlier at night?))

And when I get back on Saturday we’ll be smack in the middle of a weekend…Monday my dad comes from Arizona and Thanksgiving week will be upon us.

So tonight it is!

Grab a project, come back to the blog at 9pm EST tonight and watch for the Quilt-Cam post to publish.  The feed will be embedded in that post, NOT on the Quilt-Cam tab.  I can’t archive it until the video is published on Youtube…so it’s live on the page first, then I archive it after under the Quilt-Cam tab….get it? Got it!