Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! While Daddy Naps

I know I said I would only be doing hand work this week but while Das took a nap I moved some furniture around in the sewing nook area at the cabin.

The machine had previously faced a wall and that can get rather boring.
There is a nice big TV in the family room side of the basement and I realized that if I turned this around I could entertain myself visually while sewing.

I gave it a test run for just a bit, sewing on some string spider web units while I could get away with it!  Ha!

Tales of Family Quilts --

The leaves are long gone now up on top of the mountain, and where I couldn’t see the mountains for the leaves on the trees in the summer time – I can now look all around me, and really recognize that the cabin does in fact exist on a ridge and there are mountains in every direction in the distance.

Silent, vast views – standing like sentinels, guarding this precious place I have learned to call home, just as much as my full time home.

Dad and I arrived last night close to 10pm and there was much unloading and putting away of groceries, warming up the cabin by kicking up the flames in the gas fire places, upping the temperature  of the water heater and doing all of those “coming back after a long time away” chores before we could settle in.

Open the blinds.

Plug in the Keurig.

Feed the deer.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Stuck in a Line!

Walmart on the Monday before a major holiday?

I should have known better!
At the same time, this was the best I could do today with all else that was on the to do list.

As soon as this Loot is loaded into the car, I am on my way to the airport to pick up my dad. 

I hope he doesn't reach Greensboro before I do - he has already sent a text saying his plane had boarded in Dulles!

At least it isn't a repeat of last year's fiasco when I ended up with a flat tire on the way to the airport to pick him up.

We will grab a bite to dinner on our way to the mountains, and our Thanksgiving week at the cabin will be officially underway!

I will catch you from there!
Have a great Monday evening, everyone!

5 Min Power Purge 11/24/2014


This picture happened yesterday.

And I am in a hurry right now to post this because I have a doc check up that I forgot about ---until my alarm on my calendar on the phone went off 5 minutes ago!

I called them – I was bad, I ate a tangerine…I was supposed to be fasting!  They said come anyway --- ((Dang, I hoped I could reschedule!))

SO –my 5 minutes of power purging happened yesterday on the top of my cutting table.

I quilted two quilts before leaving for Indiana, and I had remnants from backing fabric to slice down and put away.

Cutting the leftovers into strips makes them INSTANTLY usable.  Saving them in a box in odd sizes and piece and parts for another day --- does that other day ever come around?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Three Winners & Three Recipes!!

It’s drawing time!

I’m very excited for my winners on my giveaway, especially because they gave something back in return!

I wanted to do something different, and so I asked each entrant to please leave a favorite family holiday recipe in the comments section.

I wasn’t sure how many folks would do it, because it does take time to write it all down, or even to copy/paste it in the comments box, but you know what?  678 of you came through and provided us with a wealth of yumminess! 

I thank you for participating in the fun and I hope there are recipes that YOU discover that you just have to try too!

To locate the recipes, click the recipes tab at the top of the blog.  The very first entry will link you to the original post.  You’ll find them all in the COMMENTS section until I find a better way to preserve them!

Let’s fire up the random number generator:

Quilt-Cam 11/23/2014 Sunday AFTERNOON Edition!

Welcome to the Sunday Afternoon Edition of Quilt-Cam!

I can’t even remember the last time I was home on a Sunday and able to enjoy Quilt-Cam with those readers who are in our European time zones so they could join in LIVE.

Time zones are just a pain in the neck, aren’t they?  No matter WHEN I air Quilt-Cam we will be leaving out half of the globe because they are either sleeping or it is the wrong time of day/night for them to join in.

And this is when I refer everyone back to the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog…they are ALL there, in reverse order, most recent at the top!

If you view Quilt-Cam through the tab instead of just on YouTube you actually get MORE – because the post where the feed is embedded will show and tell you more background and photos about what I’m working on, or whose studio space I’m featuring or other photos and comments by readers.

That’s what the Quilt-Cab tab is for..so use it and use it often!

This photo comes from Julianne who writes:

Show & Share in Lafayette, Indiana!

The best of the best for me is getting an opportunity to see how YOU interpret my designs, making them your own!

Your fabrics, your colors, your own block sizes!

Here we have two Tumelo Trail quilts from Scraps & Shirttails II, each differently beautiful in their own way.

The one on the left, larger blocks with each block from one color family and white, solid white sashings, no cornerstones..a totally modern uptake on a traditional design!

The one on the right, such a great job using up scraps and playing with the blocks and pieces as she saw fit.  I love them both, each reflecting the personality and the scrap stash of the makers!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Planes, Turkeys, Naps, IKEA & 5 Min. Power Purge!

How do you list your day in a one liner?

I just did in the title of this post!

If you ever wondered what Indianapolis was like from the inside of a 5am shuttle in November…this is it!

The miracle is, I MADE IT!  I almost didn’t!

And let me tell you, I sure got mumbles and grumbles and finger pointing and even a bit of twittering laughter when I pushed the heavily laden hotel baggage cart to the hotel door where the shuttle was waiting just beyond, loaded with passengers.

EVERYONE was only partially awake, and headed off to far away places, perhaps on vacation, or returning from a business work week away, or heading back to where their roots are to spend a week home with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As for me….all I could think about was getting to the airport, finding a skycap to help me get 100 lbs of quilts to the ticket counter and GETTING HOME!

If the airport in Indianapolis was crazed with travelers at 5:30am, you should have seen Atlanta at 8:30am!

My Blue Heaven Day in Lafayette, IN!

It was a cool and crisp sunny 11 degrees outside as cars and vans, suvs and pickup trucks poured into the parking lot of Holy Trinity Lutheran church where our workshops with the Common Threads Quilt Guild of Lafayette, Indiana was being held.

It’s not easy to find a large space equipped with enough outlets and room for 48 quilters to spread out….this was PERFECT!

Of course, there are some rules….with 48 machines running, it is imperative to keep irons on different circuits and spread around the perimeter of the room so that we don’t trip anything and put the entire room into no-power distress!